INDESUP! TECH is a program promoted by INDESCAT with the support of Programa Primer, for the pre-acceleration of technology-based start-ups in the sports sector.

  • Do you have an entrepreneurship idea or project related to sport?

  • Do you want to find out what opportunities are offered by technologies in the sports industry?

  • Would you like to check and improve your project with professionals and companies in the sector?


Subsidized by the Department of Enterprise and Labor and co-financed by the European Social Fund Plus.



A specific 16-week training program for innovative sports business projects.


A mentoring service for the most potential projects to develop a minimum viable product (MVP).


A privileged access to companies in the sports sector to be able to check your project.

What support will you have

The support of these Specialized Entities will be focused on validating your product market, facilitating what opportunities are offered by the technologies in the sports sector, piloting minimum viable products, etc.

Sports Industry

INDESCAT will introduce you to the sports sector. You will learn about the different value chains, the sector stakeholders, future trends, the market and everything that distinguishes the sports sector from more traditional ones, as well as getting in touch with the sports industry.


EURECAT will show you the range of possibilities that technologies offer to startups: technologies to obtain information (Internet of Things, Wearables, Biomechanics, etc.) and to visualize and analyze it (Apps, Big Data, Sport social network analysis, etc.).

What we expect from your your project

That it addresses some of these challenges

Increase the sports consumption

  • How to build customer loyalty by approaching new experiences and data thanks to new technologies?
  • How can we better understand the needs of sports practitioners?
  • What opportunities are offered by new areas such as e-sports and how to achieve them?
  • How can we achieve a greater number of physical activity practitioners, facilitating social interaction thanks to new technologies?

Improve the experience

  • How to make that the field or the sports facility where you are enjoying the event can have all the data and conveniences offered by the show at home?
  • How to make the passive spectator of a sports show becomes an active spectator?
  • How to bring closer the relationship between the spectators and their sports idols?
  • How can gamification help promote new challenges and motivations?

Improve the performance / competitiveness

  • How can we transform sports facilities into intelligent spaces for performance improvement?
  • How can new technologies help overcome our limits?
  • What tools can be developed to collect data from sports practice to improve competitiveness?
  • How can we facilitate the training work of sports professionals thanks to the implementation of new technologies?

Reach a more secure, healthy and sustainable sport

  • How can we facilitate sports practice in a healthy way? Active control channels, reactive control, etc.
  • How can we ensure the sustainability of public spaces for sports practice?
  • How can technologies reinforce healthy food trends?
  • How can we help in the management of non-professional clubs and facilities?

What will you receive

Each of the preaccelerated startups will receive

An intensive preacceleration program

  • A complete training on the operation and application of new technologies in the sector
  • A global vision of the sports sector: events, facilities, products, services, etc.
  • Mentoring by business people and advisors to the projects with the greatest potential
  • Practical issues of organization and management when creating a start-up
  • A market feedback on the insights for project success

What you commit to

  • To attend a minimum of 80% of the training
  • To follow the face-to-face and online training program designed by the organizing entities
  • To have an active participation in the face-to-face sessions
  • To respect the other participating projects’ confidentiality


Program trainers and mentors


01/06/23 – 29/06/23


Candidates’ applications

29/06/23 – 03/07/23


Communication of the chosen candidates

04/07/23 – 12/12/23


Training sessions

05/09/23 – 19/12/23


Coaching and meetings with the industry

at your service



Hours of
specialized training



Tutorials and


Individual meeting hours

The program in detail

The sports sector: market, opportunities and needs

Technologies to get, visualize and analyze the sports information

Business management and entrepreneurship.